Sonya Aston is a sixth generation Houstonian, dedicated to providing the best to Harris County. As a leader, she knows what it takes to respect the time and effort of those in front of her while at the same time following the law and making decisions efficiently, timely and impartially.


About Sonya

Sonya L. Aston

A candidate for the 80th District Court Judge. Your time, money, family and community are very valuable and should be handled with courtesy, respect and without bias under the laws of this great nation and state.

She has the knowledge, skills and experience to be the judge that you need in Harris County:

Hard work

I have a varied litigation background. I began my career as an attorney focused on business, construction and environmental cases through efforts as an attorney for the City of Houston; environmental and business cases in the private sector and property tax and election law cases through Harris County. I was general counsel to the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar for four years and administered Elections for Harris County for eight years, overseeing thousands of employees and providing access to the polls for over 2.7 million registered voters. Additionally, I was instrumental in the Exxon Valdez case and played a role in the Enron litigation. Currently, I am serving as General Counsel to Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt in addition to other individuals and small businesses.


Recently, I was asked what was the most important case or issue of my career. The answer I gave was that every matter that was before me was an important issue to the parties involved, perhaps the most important issue of their lives. I am committed to treating every matter with importance, impartiality, and efficiency to provide the best opportunity for a fair outcome based on the principles of the laws of this great state and this nation.

A Request

Harris County will have one of the longest ballots in the nation on November 5th. We are at a critical time in our history and your participation is essential. I urge you to seek and vote for those who uphold your same core values and vote the entire ballot. I respectfully and prayerfully request your vote to be the next Judge for the 80th Judicial District Court. Please vote all the way down the ballot so that you can have the greatest impact possible on the leadership of this great state and county.

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